Tamil Pallikoodam

தமிழ் பள்ளிக்கூடம் 



Welcome to the Website of Tamizh Pallikoodam – a Tamil community language, arts and cultural school in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, operated by Tamizh Pallikoodam Inc.

Learn Tamil in Melbourne and suburbs! Tamil classes are held at Ashwood College, Ashwood and Lyndhurst Secondary College, Cranbourne.

Why should you send your children to Tamizh Pallikoodam?


Tamizh Pallikoodam is a not for profit school run solely to provide Australians an opportunity to explore and experience the rich Tamil traditions, language, arts and culture. Our Tamil school is a great supporter of the Australian government’s multicultural agenda. The school has a unique leadership group drawn out of senior teachers in public and private schools around Melbourne, Victoria, who have designed a highly contextual curriculum that makes learning Tamil a fun activity.

The curriculum sits fairly within the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) paradigm and hence the children are taught Tamil in the same way they are taught other subjects in their day schools. Children learn the language as well as the history and culture of Tamil by learning story telling, drama and skit.Learning multiple languages has evidence base for enhancing the cognitive and intellectual capacity of the learner and it is hoped that the Pallikoodam will contribute to the enrichment of Australia’s future generations, intellectually, philosophically and emotionally leading to a well rounded, compassionate, all encompassing world citizens.