(Enter via Building B next to the ’Admin Office’)(Car parking off street) (‘Beware of ‘Permit Zones’), Vannam Drive, Ashwood, VIC 3147

Classes are held only on Sundays.
for Beginners 10:00 am to 11:30 am weekly
for Prep and above 10:00 am to 12:30 pm weekly

The school term dates
TERM 1 – Sun 13th Feb–Sun–10th Apr (9 weeks)
TERM 2 – Sun 1st May–Sun–26th Jun (9 weeks)
TERM 3 – Sun 17th Jul–Sun–18th Sep (10 weeks)
TERM 4 – Sun 09th Oct–Sun–18th Dec (11 weeks)
(Enter 1st car park on left)
15 Nurture Avenue, Cranbourne North, VIC 3977

Classes are held only on Fridays.
for Beginners 06:00 pm to 07:30 pm weekly
for Prep and above 06:00 pm to 08:30 pm weekly

The school term dates
TERM 1 – Fri 11th Feb–Fri–8th Apr (9 weeks)
TERM 2 – Fri 29th Apr–Fri–24th Jun (9 weeks)
TERM 3 – Fri 15th Jul–Fri–7th Oct (10 weeks)
TERM 4 – Fri 7th Oct–Fri–16th Dec (11 weeks)
FeesCurrently, Tamizh Pallikoodam charges the following fees (there are 4 terms in a year)
– 1st student within a family – $65/term
– 2nd or more students within a family – $60/term
– Resource fee (per child) – $45 per year (collected once per year in Term 1, for books and worksheets)
– Annual day fee (per child) – $25 per year (collected once per year in Term 3)
Fees will be collected in 4 instalments, at the beginning of each term. The fee structure may change at any time at the discretion of the Tamizh Pallikoodam school board of management, but parents and guardians will be given appropriate notice of any change. No refunds will be provided for non-attendance of classes or for extended absences (e.g. going overseas for extended holidays).
Withdrawal of student(s)Parents may withdraw their wards at any time by giving 4 weeks’ notice to the Principal via email (info@tamizhpallikoodam.org.au). Verbal notice will not be accepted and you may end up being invoiced for classes not attended. A pro-rata fee deduction will ONLY be applied if this process is followed.
Non-attendance or Extended absencesNotice in writing (by email) must be provided to the Principal (info@tamizhpallikoodam.org.au).